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Flight Instructor: Mike Maffei


ATP (MEL), CFI, CFII, CSEL, Commercial Rotorcraft/Helicopter, UAS Part 107 Remote Pilot

Mike Maffei is a Retired Air Force Pilot who started his flying career in 1977. Mike’s first assignment was to Ft Rucker, AL, where he went through the US Army Initial Entry Rotary Wing Aviator Qualification Pilot Course. Initially, he was the assigned as a Combat Search and Rescue pilot flying the HH-53 Super Jolly Green Giant helicopter at RAF Woodbridge, UK.  In 1980, Mike was reassigned to a stateside unit as a special operations helicopter pilot. He continued in this role until 1982, when he was selected by the Joint Special Operations Command to be one of the dedicated pilots for the nation’s Tier 1 SOF units. During Mike’s helicopter years he rose from copilot to check airman.


In 1986 Mike completed fixed-wing transition at Williams AFB, AZ (T-37/T-38). Mike was then assigned to fly the C-141 Starlifter at Travis AFB, CA. The C-141 performed worldwide strategic airlift missions.  During his first year he logged 1000 flight hours and upgraded from copilot to instructor pilot. By the end of his first tour at Travis, Mike was a designated check airman. In 1990 Mike left Travis to attend Professional Military Education, and complete a short staff tour. In 1995 Mike returned to Travis as a C-141 Squadron Commander.


In 1999 Mike was assigned as the Chief of Flying Training and Standardization (Stan/Eval) for USAF’s Air Education and Training Command (AETC), Randolph AFB, TX. In this capacity, Mike was responsible for training provided to 1500 initial pilot students per year, as well as advanced training for all fighter, airlift, and helicopter training tracks. While at Randolph, Mike flew the T-6 and T-38 trainers.


Mike lives in Schertz, TX with his wife Mary. They have three children, The oldest, Kate, is a C-17 pilot at McChord AFB, WA.

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