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Flight Instructor: Savanah Lee



Howdy! I’m Savanah. I began my aviation career in 2018 and earned my flight instructor certificate earlier this year.  I love flying and the community of fellow aviators.


My step-dad is a captain for United Airlines and my mom is a flight attendant for United as well. My family is from all over the place. From Canada to Trinidad and Tobago, so I have been traveling on planes since I was a baby.


I remember seeing the inside of a 737 cockpit as a kid and being amazed but didn’t think I could ever do something like that. Fast forward to 2018, when my step-dad suggested that I go on a Discovery Flight and it changed my life for the better!

I am now a CFI and am very excited to share my passion for flying with anyone who wants to learn. I plan on obtaining my CFI-I and helping people achieve their flying dreams/goals.


In my spare time, you can find me outdoors, hanging with my family and pups. I love to cook and really, just about anything that has to do with food. Looking forward to meeting you!

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