Flight Instructor: Dave Willis



Hello, my name is Dave Willis.  If you’re reading this you’re aware, I’m a flight instructor.  How did I get here?  Well way back in 1970 while in the Navy I got my private license (ppl) in a Piper cub.  This was the Navy’s way of keeping young men out of the bars.  The idea was to give us something else to do during our free time.  I must say flying around the Hawaiian Islands in a Cub was a real joy.  Tough life in my early twenties wouldn’t you say?

After leaving the Navy, I flew a bit but finding a job and getting married and having kids ended flying for about 30 years.  In the meantime, I started working on the railroad.  For about 22 years I had a great time driving trains and teaching people to drive trains.  You could say I was a CFI for Locomotive engineers.  In the late 90’s the RR in their infinite wisdom promoted me to their headquarters in Fort Worth.  They paid me a lot more money, but it wasn’t as much fun.  As it turns out though, there were a lot of ex pilots working on the RR.  This was when the airlines were paying FO’s starvation wages.  So lucky for me I got quality instruction cheaply.  I brought my PPL up to standard, then earned my instrument rating.  Then my instructor and friend asked what I was going to do when I retired from the RR.  He suggested I get my Commercial license with an goal to achieve my CFI.  So, in 2008 I got my CFII/CFI (in that order), as well as both ground instructor ratings.

I started teaching right after that at a flight school in Northwest Arkansas.  Looking for new challenges I got my MEI in 2011.  Did I mention I had earned the multi engine rating somewhere along the way?  In 2013 I got my M/E ATP. I flew in Massachusetts for a small regional airline.  I taught at a flight school in Florida before coming to Texas for Grandchildren.

I have experience in most of the major aircraft manufacturers products.  Beechcraft, Piper, Cessna, Mooney and some light sport aircraft.  One of my favorites is the Ercoupe, ask me and I’ll explain why.

In closing, any instructor you choose at Black Hound will help you achieve your aviation goal.  If I can be of any assistance just ask.