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Success Stories

Elizabeth L

I would not hesitate to recommend Black Hound Aviation as your flight school of choice. As a current PPL student here, I continue to be challenged and impressed with the quality of the training and instruction, and aircraft. As a US Permanent Resident, I was led through the TSA Approval process smoothly and expeditiously. The ability to complete ground school online at my own pace allowed me to easily adapt study around my work schedule. My instructor, Marty Fass, was always available for zoom sessions or on-site ground instruction tied with our flight lessons whenever I had any questions.


But let’s talk about flying! I struggled at the start. While the theory made sense, I realized I had to undo long-held misconceptions about how airplanes fly (or how one flies an airplane) in order to progress. While the beauty and challenge of the sky motivated me, at one point I started to think perhaps aviation is not for me, and the first solo seemed an insurmountable hurdle. Not according to Marty and the other instructors at Black Hound, where my troubles were seen as a problem to be solved. I was offered the support and supplementary training I needed, both from my CFI and with Mike Duc, who offered a slightly different training approach that helped me grasp the pieces I was missing.


It was the Black Hound team, as a whole, who immediately recognized how to propel me forward and executed their plan with professionalism and focused encouragement. Before I even realized it, Marty was stepping out of the plane, and I was in the sky, solo! And I knew I was ready. Not just to solo at that moment, but ready upon return after my third landing, to continue full throttle with my pursuit of aviation. 

Now we are in the cross-country phase (aka “going places”!), and while I continue to be challenged every day, I now possess the knowledge that future obstacles can be overcome with enough grit, training, determination, and dedicated guidance from my instructors. In fact, the only insurmountable feeling that continues to remain with me every time the aircraft wheels leave the ground… is pure joy.  

UPDATE: On July 11, 2021, Elizabeth passed her checkride and received her PPL! Congratulations Elizabeth!

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