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Flight Instructor : Jessica Panichi



Jessica Panichi started flying in early 2019 out of a small airport in Oregon. She steadily continued her training until she earned her Flight Instructor Certificate in late 2021 and has been flight instructing ever since. To this day she loves and misses the beautiful Oregon coast where she originally learned to fly.


She is the first of her family to pursue Aviation. As a kid she would look at the uniformed pilots in airports and wonder if that was for her. It wasn’t until her then fiancé (now husband) also began to take an interest in flying that she finally committed to the dream. Together they are developing their aviation careers one step at a time.


While originally from Southern California, she now lives in New Braunfels.  She loves introducing new students to flying, especially those that may not have originally felt like they could make it in the world of aviation. Her long term plans include getting her CFII and MEI.

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