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Success Stories

Gene D

Martin of Black Hound Aviation provided me comprehensive, methodical and disciplined flight training that allowed me to achieve my Instrument rating.  He was my third of three Instrument instructors over a 12 month period (yeah, way too long).  The first two instructors did teach me, but Martin provided hints, tips and solutions in flying areas where I was struggling rather than just letting me “work it out.”  I found him warm, friendly, professional and open to addressing all my questions both during our ground school time and in the air, including the ones that required research of the FAR’s to answer.  In the end, I was well prepared for and passed my check ride on my first try under his training.  I will use him again for BFR’s and just to stay current.  Also, flight training is Martin’s full-time vocation unlike my other two – go with a full-time instructor. 

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