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Success Stories

Isis H

It’s always been part of who I am that I like to reach high. When I was 16 my mom had a friend who was an airline pilot and he couldn’t stop raving about his job, from the traveling to the mechanics he loved every bit. With every story he told I too fell in love with it, living vicariously through him. He told me of the shortage of pilots in the airlines and how little women were in their ranks. This lit a fire in me. I went out and had my discovery flight with Black Hound. From the moment the wheels left the pavement I made it my goal to take to the sky and one day work for an airline. 


I have been flying with Black Hound aviation for over a year and I can say there's truly no one else around who does it quite the same. For me finding a flexible instructor was the most important thing and Robert Greene embodies this. He's ready to fly at the drop of a hat day or night. Black Hound’s program makes it comprehensive to get the basics and build quickly on your skills.


The main thing that makes Black Hound stand out is the quality of aircraft. There has never been a time during a preflight inspection where something that didn’t look right wasn’t addressed immediately, and usually, preemptively dealt with.


Their quality control allows you peace of mind to focus on your training and do it right. To those seeking to get their license for leisure or to go on professionally, I would highly recommend having the money at hand and trusting it with these guys. The ability to start your training and keep to it regularly is imperative for retaining information, completing your license promptly, and saving you money in the long run. These guys are here to help and will do all they can to make you comfortable in your abilities and realize your potential in the sky.

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