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Upset Recovery Training

On Tuesday February 9, 2021, I finally went out and got some upset recovery training (UPRT). I’ve been meaning to do this for quite some time, but for some reason never got around to doing it ‘til now. UPRT is designed to ensure pilots who suddenly find themselves in an unexpected attitude can beat the odds and, along with their passengers, live to tell the tale. This training is way beyond traditional unusual attitude recovery training we all receive on the way to our private pilot certificates.

Brian Lloyd at Lloyd Aviation was my instructor, and the beautiful airplane he’s pictured with is his CAP-10B. We flew out of Kestrel 1T7, north of San Antonio, and he put me through the paces. Among other maneuvers, we did accelerated stall recoveries, ballistic rolls and the overshooting base turn to final turn (simulated at high altitude). Brian also does spin endorsements. I can’t recommend Brian Lloyd highly enough if you want to expand your envelope with confidence — in fact, I’ll be going back for more!

Black Hound Aviation is a Veteran Owned, Part 61 Flight School based at the San Marcos Regional Airport, San Marcos, Texas. We provide flight instruction services, airplane rental, and Redbird simulator rental to the greater Austin, Kyle, Buda, and San Antonio, Texas communities.

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