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Remembering Roy Good

This web site is dedicated to Roy Good - Roy rose from the enlisted ranks, went to the USAF Academy and retired from the USAF as a Lieutenant Colonel. He was proud of his military service flying RF4Cs, but never talked down to anyone regardless of their flying experience.

An extremely knowledgeable aviator, flight instructor, colleague, friend and mentor to many, Roy enjoyed working with all students. Old or young - experienced or a newbie, it didn't matter to Roy, he lived and breathed aviation. A passionate advocate of using flight simulators and training devices, he maintained an impressive FAA certified simulator in his home that many students used for their training.

Roy took over the floundering EAA Chapter 958's Instrument Meteorological Club at San Marcos airport, breathed new life into it, and was expanding it to include the Austin Executive airport at the time of his death. He always had a smile on his face and was passionate about flying. You are truly missed dear friend.

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