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Flight Instructor: Ethan Rogers



My name is Ethan Rogers. I got into aviation in an unusual way. I had always been interested in anything with wheels and a motor, but had never been exposed to the aviation industry. Luckily, one of my friends had always told me he was saving for a Harley Davidson.


After several years of attending different schools, we reunited during our senior year of high school. When I asked him if he had finally gotten his motorcycle, he replied saying he bought something better. He had started taking flight lessons and working towards becoming a pilot.


After that moment, the rest is history. I moved to San Marcos and recieved training for all my current certificates. I worked for Berry aviation as a Line Service Technician, and while fueling planes in San Marcos I made dozens of friends and learned so much. I have had the privilege of flying small planes for 5 years and instructing for just over 1 year now.


My instructors, mentors, and superiors have always supported me. This journey has been one of patience and careful planning. With that being said, it has been worth every minute in the air.

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