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Black Hound Aviation Instructors

Our vision at Black Hound Aviation is to provide professional pilot training with an emphasis on (1) safety and (2) enjoyment. Too often, pilots are trained just to pass a test. At Black Hound, the test standards are just the beginning. We strive to provide you with deeper knowledge, and with the ability to apply judgment in order to minimize the chances that you’ll ever have to exercise the refined skills and emergency procedures you’ll be instilled with. We do this through some of the most experienced, friendly and highly motivated flight instructors available.


Our philosophy is to provide you with a primary instructor to teach and mentor you throughout the training program. At times we’ll introduce another highly qualified instructor to step in and provide a useful “outside” look. In this way, you’ll often gain a new perspective – with the added bonus that by taking you out of the comfort zone you’ve developed with your primary instructor, you’ll be better prepared for the stress of your practical test (the “checkride”). By utilizing seasoned instructors, most of whom have retired from their military or civilian flying careers, we reduce the chances of your instructor leaving for another job during your training, as is common in the flight training industry.

Instructor Rates:

  • Black Hound Cessna 172 Skyhawks - $65/hr

  • Black Hound Piper PA-32R Lance - $70/hr

  • Black Hound Chief Pilot/Owner Instruction - $85/hr

  • Train in your own airplane - $75/hr (single engine), $85/hr (multi-engine)


ATP, CFI, CFI-I and MEI. Former DPE,  2-time NAFI Master CFI and FAA Gold Seal flight instructor


ATP, CFI, CFI-I, SEL/MEL/Tail-dragger



CFI, CFI-I, CSEL, ATP (MEL), CML Rotorcraft, Remote Pilot

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