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Flight Instructor: Justin Moore


CFI, Remote Pilot (Part 107)

My name is Justin and I love flying.  I always have.  I grew up on the southside of San Antonio under the traffic pattern of historic Stinson Municipal Airport (KSSF). Planes flew over our house all the time and they sparked a desire to fly.  I remember trips to the airport as a kid to watch the planes land and in 2001, I embarked on my journey to become a pilot - of course, at Stinson Field! 

In March of 2002, after 45 hours of flight training, I became a private pilot and started taking friends, family and co-workers flying. A couple of years later I earned my instrument rating. 

I've also had a long love of photography and taught the subject for more than a decade. When drones were introduced, I became an aerial photographer and started my drone business - Airborne Aerial Photography. I became an expert in the field speaking at national conferences and authoring a Drone Photography Basics book.

My passion for teaching demanded that I become a commercial pilot and flight instructor.  I can't think of a greater honor - introducing people to the sky and helping them make their dream of flying come true.


I look forward to being your flight instructor!  I also work as the flight school's Operations Manager so one way or another, we'll get to know each other!  

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