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Airplane and Instructor Scheduling


Black Hound Aviation uses a scheduling program called Flight Circle.

Contact us at (512) 810-7406 to activate your Flight Circle account.

Once you have signed up and have an account on Flight Circle you can use this link (image below) to access the online scheduler. 

A few words about scheduling. Initially, pre-coordinate your schedule with your instructor. Once you have a routine established, your instructor will let you know how to schedule your lessons. If you need to schedule with a different instructor for some reason, again, pre-coordinate before placing yourself on the schedule.

You will be billed through Flight Circle. If using a credit or debit card, your information is protected by PCI-compliant security. If you purchase block time in advance, your credit balance is immediately available for viewing and updated after each flight. In addition, all of your pertinent pilot information, scans of your license, medical, driver's license are maintained there as well as any required FAA or TSA documentation.

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