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Success Stories

Matt K

I came to aviation in 2019 seeking a career change after working in manufacturing for years. I was looking to pursue a career that I was passionate about and because of that, I knew that I didn't want to go to a giant cookie-cutter flight school.  I came across Martin Fass on the internet as a former DPE and then again came across his name when searching for a Master CFI in the Austin area. Right away I was impressed by his willingness to customize a training plan to my specific needs and timeline. 

Once I started training with Marty and Gary on my instrument rating, I quickly realized that their focus on quality training was designed to help mentor me into becoming a safe and competent aviator. I eventually worked with Black Hound to get my instrument rating, commercial certificate, and CFI. The process was exciting, rewarding, and at times incredibly difficult. Upon finishing my CFI, I feel confident in my ability to teach the knowledge and skills I've acquired during my time with the instructors at Black Hound.

For anyone who feels called to the skies, I would recommend you go for it! The satisfaction of taking your friends and family up for a joy ride is definitely worth it. 

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